Zwangsarbeit 1939-1945 - Erinnerungen und Geschichte

Zwangsarbeit 1939-1945, Erinnerungen und Geschichte (Forced Labor 1939-1945, Memory and History) is "a digital interview archive for the remembrance of the over twelve million people who were compelled to perform forced labor for Nazi Germany." The project is a cooperation between the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" (EVZ), the Freie Universität Berlin and the German Historical Museum. It commemorates "the more than twelve million people who were forced to work for Nazi Germany. 590 former forced laborers from 26 countries tell their life stories in detailed audio and video interviews. [...] The interviews were digitized and have been made accessible online to support education and research. [...] National Socialist Germany created one of the largest systems of forced labor in history. Not until 60 years after the end of the war did the compensation debate again bring back to mind the memory of the long-time forgotten victims of forced labor. [...] But today only a few survivors can report about their experiences." "590 eyewitnesses from 26 countries tell their life stories in 398 audio interviews and 192 video interviews. The interviewees (341 men and 249 women) speak in their native languages about their experiences. They tell us about their lives as young people before the war, about how they were persecuted and how they dealt with this experience after 1945. The accounts related by former forced laborers from Central and Eastern Europe are a central feature of the archive. The greater part of the interviews were conducted in Ukraine (82), Poland (82) and Russia (70). Approximately one third of the interviewees were Jewish or non-Jewish slave laborers in concentration camps; 48 Roma also report on their experiences of persecution. At the time of the interviews, the interviewees were between the ages of 65 and 98. All of the interviews have been archived, digitised and transcribed; 150 of them have already been translated into German. The interview collection is supplemented by short biographies and around 5,500 photographs." For privacy reasons users need to register before being able to access the interviews. Collections of interviews by subject:

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