Wolfenbütteler Digitale Bibliothek (WDB)
The Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel is focused on research into the medieval and early modern periods amd intellectual history: "In the Wolfenbüttel Digital Library the Herzog August Bibliothek presents in digital facsimile selected items from its collections which are rare, outstanding, frequently used, or currently most relevant for research [...] Projects which provide additional indexing comprise a project-specific database, an inventory of digitized titles, information about tools and techniques, and references to literature. Here the main objective is to provide search facilities outside the scope of usual bibliographic description, such as page-related indexing." A database for each specific research project indexes digitized materials still linked to the catalog, together with notes on secondary sources and information on the materials used for the project and with a link to their online version. Single project portals are also giving more information and search options. The following digital projects are currently available:
  • Helmstedter Drucke online. Digitization of print production of the former University of Helmstedt
  • Theatrum literature of the early modern period
  • Festkultur online German prints of the 17th Century Baroque Festival Culture
  • Athanasius Kircher an Herzog August den Jüngeren. Latin letters of the years 1650-1666 from the collections of the Herzog August Library Wolfenbüttel with transcription and translation
  • Emblematica Online - Cooperation project with the University of Illinois to develop emblems digital libraries and databases on the web
  • Polydorus Vergilius. The project provide information about the work De rerum inventoribus of the Italian humanist Polydorus Vergilius (1470-1555), first published in 1499 in Venice. General information about the book with links to digitized images are accessible in the database which were published in some of the around 500 copies of the book indexed
  • Verteilte Digitale Inkunabelbibliothek - This digital library of Incunables has a special entry already in EHPS.
  • Digitalisierung naturwissenschaftlicher, technischer und medizinischer Texte der Leibnizzeit The scientific, technical and medical literature of the second half of the 17th and the first half of the 18th Century characterize the foundation of the modern scientific thought and action. A significant portion of this literature are the works of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a "universal" scholar and one of its many functions, also for 25 years librarian in Wolfenbüttel (1691-1716). The new edition of these works begun in 2001. This is the only digital versions of the manuscripts which provides online an edited text. From the Internet Edition -the author is unknown in the vast majority of the manuscripts-, there are links to Leibnitz writings. During its first phase, the edition of Leibniz important works have been completely and permaently digitized. As part of the Wolfenbüttel Digital Library they are therefore for the public domain. One of the most important works in the scientific culture and early modern scientific literature (most of the works contain numerous illustrations) are now freely available.
  • Thesaurus Eruditionis. Handset of the early modern scholars in cooperation with the Mannheimer/ Heidelberger Thesaurus eruditionis Project.
  • Digitization of graphical sheets from the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum and the Herzog August Library
  • Dünnhaupt Digital. Digitization of about 2,000 works from the personal bibliography of the Baroque editions by Gerhard Dünnhaupt
  • Elisabeth von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1510-1558) - a portal to the life and work of Nina Johansson, (Stockholm).
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