Witches in early modern England

Witches in Early Modern England (WEME) focuses on texts relating to witchcraft in England in the period 1500-1700. These come from printed witch-texts, medical manuals, and legal archives.

In December 2014 almost three thousand individual nano-histories were available: a mini-biography of the witch, a biography of her familiar, the event that she was involved in, who else was there, what law was in effect, where the event happened, and what text it is recorded in. These nano-histories can be accessed in the category ‘Witch tools’, under various subcategories: ‘Throwing bones’ (‘an experimental interface designed to allow users to see varied dimensions of events in witchcraft’), ‘Data browser’ (to search authors, locations, events, people, or preternaturals), or ‘Brimstone’ (browse all material in various ways).

In the category ‘Witch tools – WEME editions’ a selection of original texts can be found. The number of texts available is increasing; in December 2014, 15 texts were available. They are shown in transcription.

This project was created by Kirsten C. Uszkalo with financial support from the Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada.

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