Web Gallery of Art

The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of European fine arts of the medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicist, Romanticist, realist, and impressionist periods (1000-1900). In June 2014 the website contained nearly 34.000 digital reproductions. The website also contains artist biographies, commentaries, and guided tours.

There are various ways to use the website:

  • Browsing the collection from the alphabetic list of artists giving basic information on artists. Visitors can create their own lists by setting conditions for nationality, stylistic period and time-line
  • Using the Dual-Window Mode which allows to run simultaneously two independent copies of two collections
  • Basic search or advanced search, to find individual or selected groups of pictures
  • Selecting a tour from the Guided Tours

Zoom options are available for the images.

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