Wall Charts, in History and European Identity

Wall Charts, in History and European Identity is a "website... realised for the international project Europe and identity – History on wall charts in an European perspective."  This project "aims to create awareness about the similarities and differences in teaching in Europe over the last century, through wall charts. [...] Wall charts have been at the centre of European education from the second half of the nineteenth century up to second half of the twentieth century. Next to school books, wall charts were amongst the most important and influential educational appliances at schools. Wall charts are very strong visual mediums. [...] Furthermore, wall charts have also been used as wall decoration...."

Approximately 3700 historical wall charts from the period 1830 – 1990, from the collections of the Denmark’s Paedagogiske Bibliothek (National Library of Education, Denmark) the Forschungsstelle: Schulwandbild, department of the University of Würzburg (Germany) and the Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum in Rotterdam (National Museum of Education, the Netherlands) are accessible in the database. This project is a cooperation between the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark and is financed by the European Union.

It is possible to search the database to access wall charts in four different ways:

  • Time: "The button time at the left top of the website, directs you to the timeline"
  • Place: "The place-button at the left top of the website leads to a map. By entering place names, wall charts can be found".
  • Theme: "The wall charts are grouped in various themes: Trade, Voyage, War, Portrait, Religion, nationalism and European history. The different themes can be selected with the theme button at the left top of the website. With the tags that will appear at the right side of the screen, the search can be further specified."
  • General search-button: "When searching for a specific wall chart, enter the full or part of the title at the right top side of the website. After finding a wall chart, it can be easily compared to other wall charts with the buttons on the right side of the website (same place, same time, tags and themes)."

It is also possible to create a folder with your Favourites Wall Charts: "At the left top of the website a personal folder can be made for saving your favourite wall charts. The wall chart images can easily be added to your personal folder, simply by clicking add to favourites."

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