Volkstellingen 1795-1971
“The Volkstellingen 1795-1971 (Dutch Censuses) website (…) enables (…) to view or download most of the Dutch census tables, published in the period 1795-1971. (…)The original records were scanned and digitized and are now freely available as images as well as MS Excel tables. In addition to the Excel record tables, this site includes many of the original census documents in Adobe PDF format. Since 1997, the digitization of the data was accomplished during the course of three projects: Dutch Census Digitization 1795-1971, Dutch Census Data and Life Courses in Context. As a result of these three projects over 40,000 record pages were made digitally available to the public. Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) participates in the completion of the 1795-1971 Dutch Censuses project.” It is possible to see the digital tables by selecting one year from the home page, then “Volkstelling” and finally “image”.

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