Visual correspondence. Analysing letters through data visualisation

Visual correspondence. Analysing letters through data visualisation is a website dedicated to letters. Its aim is to apply data visualisation techniques to collections of letters in order to show patterns, outliers, and narratives that other types of data analysis would miss. The visualisations on the website are interactive: they can be used for example to track a person’s movement, activity, and development over time.

The website brings together detail on sender, recipient, place, and date for over 76.000 letters for over twenty collections. These collections are not present on this website but in projects elsewhere on the Internet. Links to the separate collections are provided. Collections include for example American Civil War Letters, letters from Vincentian missionaries in 17th-century Europe and Africa, the letters of Alfred Russel Wallace, Carl Maria von Weber, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, and Henrik Ibsen. It also possible to browse the letters according to person.

The user can create the visualisations by first selecting one or more collections; then building up the query by selecting people, places, dates, or years; and finally selecting the type of graph he/she wants to generate (many different types of graphs possible). Where possible, links back to the original texts are provided. Additional information is available to put the letters in more context.

This website has been created by Niall O’Leary.

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