A vision of Britain through time, 1881-2001

A vision of Britain through time, 1801-2001 brings together historical surveys of Britain to create a record of how the country and its localities have changed. Various types of sources can be consulted, such as census reports, historical gazetteers, travellers’ tales, historical maps, election results, and historical photographs. Material dates from the Middle Ages until the present day, but emphasis is on the 19th-20th centuries.

Material can be browsed and searched by type (statistical atlas, historical maps, census reports, and travel writing). It is also possible to search for a place in Great Britain (under ‘Places’), which then shows all material related to that place. Download options and format differ for each type of source.

The website was created by Humphrey Southall and the Great Britain Historical GIS Project. It is based in the Department of Geography at the University of Portsmouth.

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