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The Codex Vercellensis, or Vercelli Book, is a late tenth-century manuscript consisting of 136 folia and containing a total of 29 works. It was written in the south of England and is currently held at the Biblioteca Capitolare of the cathedral in Vercelli, as Codex XVII.

Vercelli Book Digitale is an ongoing project aiming to provide a digital version of this codex. At the moment, only a beta version is online (final edition scheduled for publication in 2014), with two texts available: The Dream of the Rood and Homily 23.

The manuscripts can be viewed as either digitized image, or transcription (at the moment only diplomatic or interpretative; in the future there will be more options), or both at the same time. By clicking on ‘Thumbnails’, all digitized pages are shown, and it is possible to browse through them. It is possible to zoom in on the images. By activating the ‘HotSpot’-option, areas on the images are pointed out for which there is additional information available. By activating the ‘TextLink’-option, corresponding lines on the digitized image and on the transcription are highlighted. More options have been announced for the final version of the website, such as text search funcionality, and the possibility to compare images in two separate frames.

The project is directed by R. Rosselli Del Turco (University of Turin). The current beta version is hosted by the University of Pisa, and is one of the projects developed under the umbrella of the Laboratorio di Cultura Digitale. The Archivio Capitolare di Vercelli, the University of Turin, and the University of Pisa are partners of the project.

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