Van Nu en Straks. De Brieven - Flemish literary correspondence
Van Nu en Straks. De Brieven is part of the Digital Archive of Letters in Flanders (DALF) project of the Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies of the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature. It provides online access to a corpus of letters related to the Flemish literary journal Van Nu en Straks (1893-1901). The corpus consists of 1419 letters, divided in three main categories:
  • The so-called pre-publications that had previously been collected under the title “De Wereld van Van Nu en Straks”
  • The correspondence between Karel van de Woestijne with Emmanuel de Bom and
  • The correspondence between Karel van de Woestijne and Stijn Streuvels.
Most of the letters are in Dutch, some 180 letters are in French. Users can browse, search, view, and export the encoded letters or custom selections of letters in various formats: XHTML, XML, PDF. The letters can be visualized as reading text, diplomatic transcription, or XML source view, and facsimiles are offered where available.

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