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The University of Virginia Library holds a large number of digital image collections, together containing thousands of digitized items. These digital collections can be accessed by selecting ‘Digital collection’ in ‘Catalog advanced search.’ In December 2014 over 2 million digital items were available online.

Items come from the entire world, but emphasis is on the history of the USA. There are also some collections of primary sources regarding European history. In December 2014 these were:

  • Art and architecture (in December 2014 over 2000 items)
  • Chadwyck-Healy English poetry (in December 2014 ca. 4.500 items)
  • Chadwyck-Healy English verse drama (in December 2014 ca. 2.300 items)
  • UVa image collection (in December 2014 almost 300 items)
  • UVa text collection (in December ca. 12.500 items). ‘UVa text collection’ and ‘UVa image collection’ are general collections with many different types of sources. Noteworthy are for example the digital facsimiles of sixteenth-century French books.

For some items a digitized version of the original is shown, while some texts are only shown in modern edition. Items can be downloaded; the format depends on the type of the source.

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