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Rare historic works belonging to the British Library Collections are now available online:

  • Shakespeare in Quarto: "British Library’s 93 copies of the 21 plays by William Shakespeare printed in quarto before the theatres were closed in 1642."
  • Caxton's Chaucer: "two editions of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, probably printed in 1476 and 1483."
  • Gutenberg Bible: "...British Library’s two copies of Johann Gutenberg’s Bible, the first real book to be printed using the technique of printing which Gutenberg invented in the 1450s."
  • Magna Carta; " of the most celebrated documents in history. Examine the British Library's copy close-up, translate it into English..."
  • Renaissance Festival Books: "View 253 digitised Renaissance festival books selected from over 2,000 in the British Library's collection that describe the magnificent festivals and ceremonies that took place in Europe between 1475 and 1700 - marriages and funerals of royalty and nobility, coronations, stately entries into cities and other grand events."
  • Malory's Arthurian manuscript: "sample pages from the British Library's manuscript of Sir Thomas Malory's stories about King Arthur, known as the Winchester Manuscript, later printed by William Caxton as Le Morte Darthur."
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