Travels in Southeastern Europe

Travels in Southeastern Europe is an electronic corpus of Bosnian and southeastern European travel accounts.

"The Travels in Southeastern Europe project is comprised of texts which were digitized in two groups. The first group contains four accounts of travel in southeastern Europe, each of which contains a significant portion devoted to Bosnia and Hercegovina. [...] The four texts are:

  • Bosnie et Herzegovin: Souvenirs de Voyage pendant l'Insurrection, by Charles Yriarte, published in Paris by E. Plon et Cie, 1876;
  • Dalmatia: the Land Where East Meets West, by Maude M. Holbach, published in London and New York by John Lane, 1910;
  • The Balkan Peninsula, by Emile de Laveleye, published in New York and London by G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1887;
  • Travels in the Slavonic Provinces of Turkey-in-Europe, by G. Muir Mackenzie and A.P. Irby, published in London by Daldy, Isbister & Co., 1877.

The second group contains approximately 200 titles that describe southeastern Europe, and in particular, Bosnia and Hercegovina, throughout history.

Travels in Southeastern Europe forms a part of the University of Michigan Digital Library Text Collections (UMDL).

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