Spanish Periodicals and Newspapers: Women's Magazine Digital Collection
"In the early 1970s, the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center at the University of Connecticut, USA, acquired an incredible collection of Spanish Periodicals and Newspapers collected by the famous bibliophile, Juan Perez de Guzman y Boza, the Duque de T' Serclaes. [...] This ... collection reflects the complex history of Spain through periodicals and newspapers dating from the 18th-20th centuries, with the bulk of the collection dating from the 19th century. "Of significant interest is the wide selection of women's magazines written by men to appeal to an elite female audience. The collection is full of things such as short historical stories, poems, good advice for both men and women about the proper behavior of ladies at any age, beautiful colored and engraved images with the latest news of Paris fashion, music sheets of polkas and other music specifically composed for the magazines, and patterns for needlework, to name only a few. These magazines are an amazing window to understand the social dimensions of women in 19th century Spain...." "...The Dodd Research Center, in collaboration with the UConn Libraries, [...] have created in-house this digital collection, to provide electronic access to researchers around the world.[...]. The digital copies are available through the Internet Archive and the UConn Digital Collections site [...] in ... different formats and the text is searchable." [ Pagebreak ]

La Amenidad: periódico semanal de literatura, modas y teatros. (1845), Madrid. No. 1-13 (Sept. 3 - Nov. 25, 1841) SPAN PER 72

El Correo de las Damas, Periódico de Modas, Bellas Artes, Amena Literatura, Música, Teatros, etc (Prospecto), Madrid.
Prospecto, año 1-2, no. 1-50 (July 3, 1833 - May 30, 1834);
nueva serie, no. 1-2 SPAN PER 142

Correo de las Damas, o, Poliantea Instructiva, Curiosa y Agradable de Literatura, Ciencias y Artes.
Cádiz. T. 1-15 (1804? - 1807) SPAN PER 16

El Espósito : periódico de literatura, teatros y modas, á beneficio de la casa de maternidad de esta ciudad, Córdoba. No. 1-3 (May 10-30, 1845) SPAN PER 209

Gaceta de las Mugeres (1845), Madrid. No. 1 (Sept. 14, 1845)-no. 7 (Oct. 26, 1845) [This title changed title later to La Ilustración: álbum de las damas. On the collection, title is bounded with La Ilustración: álbum de las damas]

Las Hijas de Eva. [San Juan] : Tip. del Boletín Mercantil, [1880] año 1:no.1-año 1:no.24 (1880: marzo-1880: agosto) PRC Per 26

  • Note: Even though this title is not from the Spanish Periodical and Newspaper collection, it was produced in colonial Puerto Rico and it was the first and only women's magazine in Puerto Rico during the Spanish colonial period and its structure and content is similar to publications produced in Spain during the same period.

La Ilustración: álbum de las damas, Madrid. No. 1-7, 11-13, 15-16, 18, 20-21, 23-27, 29-36, 38 (Sept. 14, 1845 - Oct. 20, 1846). SPAN PER 483

Periódico de las Damas, Madrid.No. 4-5, 8, prospectus (1822) SPAN PER 273

Silvina: semanario de literatura, música, teatro y modas, dedicado al bello sexo. (1857), Valencia. Época 1, no. 1-20 (Jan. 4 - May 17, 1857) SPAN PER 346

El Tocador : gacetín del bello sexo, periódico semanal de educación, literatura, anuncios, teatros y modas, Madrid, T. 1, no. 1-27 (July 14, 1844 - Jan. 2, 1845), SPAN PER 361

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