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Spaarnestad Photo is the largest photo archive in the Netherlands regarding press and documentary photography. It holds 12 million photos, dating from the invention of photography until the start of the digital era. The core of its collection is the photo archive of De Spaarnestad (later called VNU and afterwards Sanoma), a Roman Catholic publishing house of magazines in Haarlem, founded in 1906. Among its magazines are for example Katholieke Illustratie, Libelle, Beatrijs, Margriet, and Panorama. Other archives have been added to this: for example material from press agencies like ANP, ‘t Sticht, and Nationaal Foto Persbureau; collections of magazines like Het Leven, Elseviers Magazine, and VT Wonen; work of various photographers; and material from private collections. An overview of the various collections can be found here.

In August 2015 about 80.000 of these photos were available through a database. This number will grow in the future.

Both basic and advanced search are available. It is also possible to browse the collection by theme. Zoom options are available (although it is not possible to view the photo high-definition in its entirety). High-definition versions of the photos can be ordered on payment. For personal, non-commercial use it is allowed to use the low-resolution images. Each photo is accompanied by metadata.

Since 2011 the entire collection of Spaarnestad Photo can also be found at the Dutch National Archives.

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