Sefaria is described by its creators as ‘a living library of Jewish texts.’ It is a crowdsourcing project that focuses on the texts of Torah in the broadest sense, from Tanak to Talmud to Zohar to modern texts, and all the volumes of commentary in between. Sefaria is created, edited, and annotated by an open community: it relies on volunteers (who have to register) to translate, annotate, proofread, design, and code. In November 2014, over 1000 people had made a public textual contribution to the site. The website is transparant about where the texts come from and who was involved in posting, editing, or translating them. In November 2014, texts are not formally reviewed before becoming visible on the site, but the creators of the website are currently designing such a review process.

Texts are offered in their original languages, namely mostly Hebrew. In November 2014, all translations are in English, but it is planned that in the future translations into other languages will be offered as well.

The texts can be browsed alphabetically or by category. Each text is subdivided in chapters. By clicking on a verse, all interconnected passages in other texts are shown. Basic search in the entire collection is also possible.

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