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The Scottish Archive Network (SCAN) is a website dedicated to the written history of Scotland. A part of their website offers collections of digitized historical records: Scottish Archive Network – Digital Archive. These historical documents date from different periods in time and regard different subject, but all regard the history of Scotland. Some examples are: memoirs of a 19th-century stonemason, list of patients in a smallpox hospital, highland railway photographs, 17th-century description of the Isles of Orkney, etc.

A comprehensive list of the collections can be found under ‘Digital Archive – contents.’ Under ‘Exhibitions’, thematic virtual exhibitions are shown. Under ‘Virtual Vault’, material is sorted according to type: military records, passports, court records, property records, tax records, lighthouse records, emigration records, railway records, and poor relief records.

Most of the documents are available as high-resolution images; some are available in transcription. Images can be downloaded in JPEG format.

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