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The publication of books and periodicals is important for visualizing knowledge about the natural world. The Biodiversity Heritage Library (see also this link on EHPS) has digitized and catalogued millions of pages of printed text between the 1400s and today related to the investigation of the natural world. Illustrations are a large part of these printed page. Science Gossip is a crowdsourced project that aims to identify, classify, and correlate drawings from the Victorian period, coming from periodicals such as Science Gossip, Recreative Science, and The Intellectual Observer. Users are asked to tag illustrations and add information about artists and engravers. In November 2015 almost 128.000 pages had been completed, by over 8000 volunteers.

Under ‘Periodicals’, users can select a specific periodical or choose pages from random periodicals. Separate pages can be saved in JPEG format.

‘Science Gossip’ is born from a collaboration between an Arts and Humanities Research Council project in the UK, called ‘Constructing Scientific Communities: Citizen Science in the 19th and 21st Centuries’ and the Missouri Botanical Garden who are providing content from the ‘Biodiversity Heritage Library.’

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