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Sardegna DigitalLibrary - DigitalLibrary Sardinia is the digital archive of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia. The website, designed as “a work in progress”, intends to promote the digital cultural heritage of Sardinia. It offers online access to a vide variety of film, literature, music, visual arts, and sound recordings that relate to Sardinia. The available material is organized into four categories; video, image, text, and audio. A special section is available that organized the materials into “topics”. Images are available in various dimensions; the texts are downloadable as PDF files; the audio files as MP3’s; the videos in MPEG-4 format (suitable for Ipod). Available materials can be browsed, or searched by type (audio, video, texts, image) and by their bibliographical details (title, author, place, publisher). Unfortunately, there is no option to chronologically order the results. The quality of the consultable material varies; notably in the case of the PDF-files the resolution is often too low, which results in the texts being unreadable. The project is co-financed with EU funds (Misura 6.3, Azione H, del POR Sardegna 2000-2006).

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