Sapienza Digital Library

Sapienza Digital Library (SDL) aims to gather digital versions (both born-digital and digitized) of the past and future intellectual output of the Sapienza University of Rome, founded in 1303. Various types of material are included: books, prints, academic publications such as theses, images, audio-visual material, didactic material, databases, archival material, records of archeological excavations, etcetera. In addition to material in possession by the Sapienza, SDL also contains material that has been donated to the Sapienza by third parties, such as public and private entities or personal archives. In December 2014 over 5000 digital items were available. Some of these can only be accessed from the Sapienza University.

Both basic and advanced search are possible. In addition, there are collections that can be browsed by name, institution, or subject. It is also possible to browse material by type (under ‘Naviga’).

The material is available for download. In the case of books, separate pages can be downloaded in jpeg format. OCR-generated transcriptions are available, making the texts searchable full-text.

SDL is the result of a project by the Centro interdipartimentale di ricerca e servizi DigiLab, with the Sistema Bibliotecario della Sapienza (SBS) and InfoSapienza, in collaboration with Consorzio Cineca.

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