The painter and writer Joachim von Sandrart (1606-1688) was born in Frankfurt am Main. He had an extensive artistic education under well-known teachers in Frankfurt, Prague, and Utrecht. He lived and worked in a number of places throughout Europe, such as Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. From the mid 1660s he devoted himself increasingly to his work as an art theorist and teacher. He played an important role in the founding of the academies of art in Nuremberg (1662) and Augsburg (1670). Against the background of his own artistic experience, in 1668 he began to write the Teutsche Academie der Edlen Bau- Bild- und Mahlery-Künste with the help of the poet and publicist Sigmund von Birken. This work was published in three volumes between 1675 and 1680 in Nuremberg. It contains biographies of artists, theory of the three arts, and translations of the Ovid Metamorphoses paraphrase by Karel van Mander and of Vincenzo Cartari’s Imagini de i Dei de gli antichi. Sandrart also arranged for Latin editions of the works. offers a scholarly, annotated, enriched, web-based edition of Sandrart’s Teutscher Academie. The text is available both in facsimile (single pages can be downloaded in jpeg format) and in full transcription. The copper engravings that were part of the original work can also be displayed.

The work can be browsed by page number or by chapter. A search function is also available, in addition to databases containing all people, places, and works of art mentioned in the next. Similarly, publications mentioned in the text of the Teutscher Academie point to the bibliography. When viewing the transcription, it is possible to highlight people, places, works of art, annotations, etcetera. was a project (2007-2012) funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. While being located at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main and the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence (Max-Planck-Institut), it was carried out in cooperation with a number of other institutions.

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