Sammlung Schweizerischer Rechtsquellen online

Since 1898 the Swiss Lawyers Society edits a collection of law sources which had been created on Swiss territory up to 1798, the Collection of Swiss Law Sources. The collection contains material from the early Middle Ages until 1882. Over 100 volumes, or more than 60.000 pages of source material and comments from all language regions of Switzerland have been published so far. The Law Sources Foundation has digitized all volumes published so far and makes them available online on this website.

It is possible to search the collection via the catalogue organized by canton, or via search in the table of contents. Some filters are also available (canton, date, and title). Texts are shown as digitizations of the modern edition. It is possible to download separate pages in PDF format.

This project is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Friedrich-Emil-Welti Foundation.

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