Rulers of Venice, 1332-1524

Rulers of Venice, 1332-1524 is a database offering access to the election records of the medieval Venetian republic. At the core of the database are the 9 registers of the Segretario alle Voci, listing the noble Venetians elected to office from 1340 to 1524. There is also data from elections held in the Senate, Council of Ten, and Great Council. In total, there are over 70.000 records giving information about elections and officeholding in the medieval period. ‘Rulers of Venice’ also includes a book of essays with a full description of the source material and four case studies demonstrating the way the material can be used.

Both search by keyword and advanced search are possible, with a large quantity of search terms available: for example source, office, office holder, and date range. Records can be downloaded both in Excel format and Text format. Searches in the database return only the normalized Italian version of names: users interested in the original Latin can view the register pages directly in the ‘Transcriptions’ section. Under ‘Maps’ it is possible to perform controlled searches of records by place name. Under ‘Transcriptions’, digitized register pages are shown (searchable by register and folio number), accompanied by transcriptions.

‘Rulers of Venice’ was compiled and edited by three historians specialized in Venetian history, Benjamin G. Kohl, Andrea Mozzato, and Monique O’Connell.

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