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Romantic Circles is a refereed scholarly website devoted to the study of Romantic-period literature and culture. In addition to various sections with scholarly publications, there are also some sections that contain digital primary sources:

  • Editions. An archive of texts from the Romantic era. In May 2015, 39 texts were available, from authors such as William Wordsworth, Mary Tighe, William Godwin, Robert Southey, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, and many others. Most of the works are books or collections of poems, but there are also some letters. All of the works are in English.

For each work, editions of different versions are available (such as the original autograph and the published version), as well as editor’s commentaries. The editions are shown as text. They also contain some footnotes. Some books also contain images. In those cases, the images are also shown, in JPEG format. For some books, some other material is available, for example maps, a parallel-text comparison of multiple editions, or digitized pages from original publications.

  • Gallery. A curated collection of Romantic-era images. In May 2015, 275 images were available, such as paintings, drawings, cartoons, engravings, and book illustrations. They come originally from various countries, such as the UK and France.

It is possible to browse the collection by creator, medium, creation technique, style, or date. There are also thematic exhibitions. The images come from 8 different collections in the USA. Images are shown in high resolution (zoom options are available) and can be downloaded in JPEG format. They are accompanied by metadata and extensive commentaries.

Basic search on the entire website is possible, after which search results can be filtered by section, resource, editor, primary author, or secondary author.

The project is the collaborative product of an expanding community of editors, contributors, and users around the world, overseen by an advisory board. The website is published by the University of Maryland.

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