RERO DOC Digital Library
RERO DOC is the digital library of RERO, the Library Network of Western Switzerland. It has been created to promote, preserve and provide public access to the scholarly literature produced by the institutions participating in the project (electronic theses, dissertations and e-prints) as well as providing access to the digitalized collections of RERO libraries. From the home page users can select a site, a domain, an institution, a specific collection or a document type. They can also browse the entire digital library. In addition to hundreds of books, journals, newspapers, theses, dissertations and partitions (sheet music), the following special collections are available:
  • Journal «La Liberté»
  • Journal «Freiburger Nachrichten»
  • Journal «L’Express de Neuchâtel»
  • Journal «L’Impartial»
  • La Fédération horlogère suisse
  • Collection fribourgeoise
  • Ouvrages de référence fribourgeois
  • Imprimés fribourgeois du 16e siècle
  • Collection Corvey
  • Collection valaisanne
  • Annales valaisannes
  • La pilule
  • Le crétin des Alpes
  • Vallesia
  • Bulletin de la Murithienne
  • Le Véritable messager boiteux de Neuchâtel pour l'an
  • Revue historique neuchâteloise
  • Bulletin de la Société neuchâteloise de géographie
  • Bibliothèques et musées / Ville de Neuchâtel
  • Le Rameau de Sapin
  • La Dépêche de Neuchâtel The digital library can be brwosed or searched using various criteria.
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