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This is the sources page of the website Regnum Francorum Online which is "a website about visualizing early medieval Europe 614-840 on maps. Here you will find interactive maps of the Frankish kingdom, activities of Merovingian and Carolingian kings, donations of the nobility and development of the property of monasteries and other institutions. The locations on the map are clickable and connected to quotes from, and references to primary sources and literature. Simply click on a location and discover which sources are available on this site and on the internet for a particular city. There is an overview of the interactive maps in the Gallery section, intended as a starting point if you are new to this website." The special sources page consists of "a collection of hyperlinks to digitized editions of source-documents and literature concerning early medieval Europe that can be found on the internet today. Sources listed here are all available to the public, free of charge. Currently there are 3527 entries in this collection."

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