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Raphael Research Resource focuses on the works of Raphael (1483-1520). Initially the project was based on the extensive studies of the ten paintings by Raphael in the collection of the National Gallery, London, but it has now been developed to hold information provided by a growing number of other institutions and collaborators. ‘The goal of the Mellon Digital Documentation Project, which began in 2007, was to gather and store all of this material, bringing together art-historical, technical and conservation-based information, and to make this valuable resource available over the Internet, to both specialists and the general public.’

The section ‘Studying Raphael’ contains information about Raphael’s work. In the section ‘Objects’, small images of Raphael’s paintings can be seen. By clicking on an image and then on ‘Explore documentation’, the available information about that painting is shown. This information is sorted in various categories, such as historical information, conservation, framing, materials and techniques, microscopy, etc. The information is given in the form of digital reproductions of the secondary literature about these topics (either printed or handwritten). The documentation about a certain painting also includes various digitized images: for example, of the painting in its normal state, of infrared examination, and of x-ray examination. Zoom options are available. In various cases, there are links to the pdf version of the publication in which the image appears.

The Raphael Research Rescourse is maintained by the National Gallery, London, and various partners. It is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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