RaDAR – Rassembler, diffuser les archives de révolutionnaires

RaDAR – Rassembler, diffuser les archives de révolutionnaires is a website that aims to collect and provide access to archives of militant revolutionaries from their origins in 1920 onwards. It includes topics like the communist party of 1920 to 1928, the birth of the Fourth International (1928-1938), the creation of the French section of the Fourth International, and various Marxist revolutionary groups.

In November 2015 2250 archival documents were available online. They were organized according to various themes: ‘Quatrieme Internationale’, ‘Trotskystes d’ici et d’ailleurs’, ‘Autres organisations’, and ‘Cabinet de curiosités’, and within each theme according to various subthemes or chronological periods. The website also contains secondary information about these various topics.

Digitized items are shown page by page, in high definition. They can be downloaded in PDF format.

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