Queste del saint Graal

Queste del saint Graal provides an interactive digital edition of the manuscript ‘Bibliothèque municipale P.A. 77’ from Lyon. This manuscript contains a story about a quest for the Holy Grail. The Grail first appeared in literature in the 12th century. The version presented on this website, was written around 1225 in French.

The website offers different editions of the work: digitization of the manuscript, facsimile, diplomatic edition, edition, and translation in modern French. It is possible to view two different versions simultaneously, in two separate columns next to each other. When moving to a different page in one column, the text in the other column automatically moves to that page as well.

The digital edition of the work can be downloaded in XML-TEI or PDF format. The digitized version of the original manuscript can be downloaded in JPG format for each separate page.

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