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The Queen’s Men, founded in 1583 under the aegis of Queen Elizabeth I, were a prestigious and popular company of players. They disbanded in 1603. Queen’s Men Editions, founded in 2006, is a website aiming to provide scholarly editions of plays associated with the Queen’s Men, with transcriptions of early editions and fully annotated modern-spelling texts with performace commentary.

Under ‘The Plays’ the website publishes plays that are known to have been owned or performed by the Queen’s Men, such as The Chronicle History of King Leir, Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay, The Troublesome Reign of King John, and The True Tragedy of Richard III. It is possible to browse each play separately, or to search all the plays. Texts are shown in diplomatic transcription of early editions or in modern-spelling texts.

The category ‘The Theater’ will contain the material archives of modern productions, research about historical performance, and production histories. This includes film footage or links to footage, photographs of performances, props, sets, costumes, and special effects. Documentation of historical production practices includes commentary as well as copies of or links to historical records. In August 2015 this part of the website was still under construction: it included only the photograph archives. The photographs can be browsed by play, stage properties, costumes, set and set designs, and programs and productions credits. The photos can be downloaded in JPEG format.

Under ‘Performances’ a link is provided to the sister website, Performing the Queen’s Men, which provides full information on the performances associated with the QME editions. They include video, discussions of original stage practices, and interviews.

The website is created by an international body of scholars, theater practitioners, and digital developers. It is published by Internet Shakespeare Editions (see also this entry on EHPS), and supported by the University of Victoria and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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