Propaganda postcards of the Great War

Propaganda postcards of the Great War features a collection of war-themed postal cards produced during World War I. They come from Europe and the USA. In March 2015 almost 1400 postcards were available, but the website is work in progress. The site also contains a short introduction.

It is possible to search the entire website. In addition, under ‘Contents’, the postcards are sorted alphabetically according to a large number of subjects. On the rest of the website the postcards are divided in main categories and subcategories. These main categories are: ‘Onset of war’, ‘The Centrals’, ‘The Allies’, ‘Warfare’, ‘Atrocities’, ‘Mocking cards’, ‘Artists’, ‘Treaties’, ‘Lost territories and plebiscite areas’, ‘More plebiscite areas’, and ‘German revolution(s).’ Each category contains both an introduction to the theme and the postcards. In some cases there are also explanations for separate postcards.

Only the fronts of the postcards are shown. The images can be downloaded in JPEG format.

The postcards pictured in this site are originals, coming from the private collections of Paul Hageman (the Netherlands) and Jerry Kosanovich (USA), amateur historians and active collectors.

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