Progetto Pico / The Pico Project

The Oratio de dignitate hominis (‘Discourse on the Dignity of Man’, 1486) by Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494) is considered the ‘Manifesto of the Renaissance.’ It exalts the human creature for his/her freedom and capacity to know and to dominate reality as a whole. The work is written in humanist Latin.

Progetto Pico / The Pico Project makes the work accessible in various forms:

  • In modern edition: shown either in the original Latin with an Italian translation next to it, or in the original Latin with an English translation next to it. The work can be browsed by section. Footnotes are provided.
  • Digitized versions of various early prints: the editio princeps (Bologna 1496, of which no extant manuscripts exist), the so-called exemplar Brunense (ca. 1498), the so-called examplar Bononiense (ca. 1498), and the Apologia (1487). Single pages can be downloaded either in JPEG or in GIF format.

In addition, the website contains information and publications on Pico della Mirandola and this work.

Progetto Pico / The Pico Project is the result of a collaboration between the Università degli Studi di Bologna and Brown University.

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