Progetto Manuzio

The name "Project Manuzio", derives from the known Italian publisher Aldo Manuzio (Bassiano, Latina 1449 - Venezia 1515). Aldus Manutius, in Latin, is considered the "prince" of the printers during the Italian Renaissance, the inventor of the italic character (known abroad as "italic") and the most famous leader of a distinguished family of printers. (Biographical notes on Manuzio and a virtual visit of Bassiano, his hometown).

Manuzio has the ambition to achieve a noble ideal: masterpieces of the Italian literature, manuals, thesis, journals and other documents are freely available in electronic format, always, everywhere, at no cost and, also, with such technical measures to be able to ensure the accessibility of the texts to blind and other disabled people.

Access to the e-books is made trough the digital library of the Manuzio project.

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