Progetto IMAGO II
The Imago II Project offer digital access to important collections of the Italian State Archive. The following colelctions are today available in digitised formats: Alessandrino Cadastre, Urban Roman Cadastre, a selection of the Gregoriano Cadastre including the 600 most important towns of the Papal State, the carthography of the old Rural Cadastre; abstracts of some roman parchments ("regesti") are accesible too. Some of the more useful registers are digitised, the alphabetic registers of roman notaries; some ancient registers of the Tesorerie provinciali. Precious books and documents like the Liber Regulae are also accessible. (Imago II is made of 5.000 digital color photos of maps and manuscripts, 25.000 colour scanning of ancient maps and parchments, 100.000 greyscale scanning of cadastre and notarial registers. Images in jpeg format have been masterized in about 500 CD-R while copies of this images, in a MrSID format, are now available in high resolution on the website.)

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