Progetto Divenire - Archivio di Stato di Venezia

The Archivio di Stato di Venezia contains documents that were produced by the various offices of the Venetian government from its earliest history until the 20th century: first the documents of the Venetian Republic, followed by those produced here during the Napoleonic period, then those produced during the Austrian government, and from 1866 onwards the records produced by offices of the Italian government residing in Venice. Since 2006 parts of the material of this archive have been digitized and made available online in the Progetto Divenire, part of the website of the Archivio di Stato. So far, various types of material can be consulted:

  • Documents from various constitutional organs of the Comune Veneciarum and the Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia. This includes decisions, documents concerning the election of the ruling class, letters, and documents concerning crime
  • Parchments from the archives of suppressed religious corporations
  • Condizioni di decima, which were presented to the dieci savi alle decime at Rialto
  • Maps and drawings from various archive groups
  • Turkish documents

It is possible to see a full list of all archival groups which have been digitized (under ‘Serie riprodotte’), or to search the index records of the material. The search can be limited to a specific type of material, and/or to one or more archival group(s). Advanced search-options are also available.

Documents can be consulted by browsing through the pages or by jumping to a specific page. It is possible to zoom in on the images.

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