Plateforme 14/18

Plateform 14/18 is a project, finished in November 2015, about the correspondence and the photographs of the family Résal during the First World War. Photo and video archives, as well as scientific texts, show the connection between the history of one family and the history of the First World War.

Eugène and Julie Résal went to Tunis in 1886. Four of their children were born here: Mériem, Salem, Younès, and Chérifa. After the family moved to Lyon in 1896, two other children were born: Paul and Louis. In 1900 the family moved to Bordeaux. During the First World War the various family members had different professions.

There are various options to explore the contents of the website.  For example, each week the corresponding week of a hundred years earlier is shown on the website, along with the letters that were sent that week, the people involved, the themes that were involved, and the places that were concerned. In the category ‘Découvrez la famille Résal’ users can choose one of the various family members. Information about this person is shown, along with the various materials available that concern him or her. Under ‘Les themes’, three different themes are available: ‘Les fronts’, ‘Hommes et femmes en guerre’, and ‘La guerre est le reflet de la modernité.’ Each theme contains various types of primary sources. Under ‘Lieux’, multimedia material on various French cities can be viewed. Basic search is also possible, with the possibility to filter the results.

Various types of primary sources are available, such as letters, images, or videos. In total over 2000 items are available. Letters and images are shown in high-definition and can be downloaded in JPEG format. Letters are accompanied by a transcription.

‘Plateform 14/18’ was created with the support of the French ‘Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la recherche et le Ministère de la Défense.’ It has various partners.

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