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Photolibrary Educational Alinari is a website intended for educational purposes. In August 2015 it contained over 1670.000 photographs: ca.100.000 historical photos from the 19th and 20th centuries, vintage prints in sepia and in black and white, and ca.60.000 colour images. These photographs concern many different subjects, from the following areas: humanities, arts, economic and social history, and science.

Basic and advanced search are available. In addition, there are lists of photographers, artists, people, and events; as well as thesauri of iconography, geography, period, and style. There are also some dossiers of images that all regard the same theme, occasion, etcetera.

Unregistered users can only see thumbnails. In order to see the image more in detail, it is necessary to register, without costs. Each photo is accompanied by detailed information.

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