Partonopeus de Blois: An Electronic Edition

Partonopeus de Blois is a "medieval French verse romance, composed in the last third of the twelfth century. It tells of how the young hero, Partonopeus, is transported to a mysterious city where he encounters the heroine Melior. He becomes her lover without ever seeing her, but eventually breaks the taboo on bringing a light into her bedchamber and is banished by her. After various adventures, he is forgiven, wins her hand in marriage at a three-day tournament, and becomes emperor of Byzantium. A continuation then tells the story of the hero’s former squire, Anselot, and of an unsuccessful invasion by Partonopeus’s former love-rival, the sultan of Persia." It was composed in France around 1170 and became one of the most popular romances of the Middle Ages. Only seven complete manuscripts and three fragments survived. This online edition enables study and analysis of the text in its full manuscript context.

Partonopeus de Blois: An Electronic Edition provides semi-diplomatic transcriptions of the original texts. This means that:
  • all abbreviations have been expanded
  • word division has been regularised
  • capital letters have not been used except where they are used by copyists
  • scribal punctuation has been retained, but no other punctuation marks are includedWherever uncertainty as to a reading remained, this is recorded in a note.
There are various ways to search the manuscripts, among which an extensive keyword search and phrase searching. 
Partonopeus de Blois: An Electronic Edition is funded by the University of Sheffield and the Arts and Humanities Research Council and is freely accessible from everywhere.

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