PANDEKTIS - ΠΑΝΔΕΚΤΗΣ, A Digital Thesaurus of Primary Sources for Greek History and Culture

"PANDEKTIS [...] is a project of the National Hellenic Research Foundation which contains major digital collections of Greek history and civilization. The collections have been produced by the Institute of Neohellenic Research, the Institute of Byzantine Research and the Institute of Greek and Roman Antiquity. The National Documentation Centre supports the collections' digital form.

[...] A Digital Thesaurus of Primary Sources for Greek History and Culture aims to provide free access to eleven integrated and scientifically elaborated collections produced by the three humanistic Institutes of the National Hellenic Foundation for Research - Institute of Greek and Roman Antiquity, Institute of Byzantine Research, Institute of Neohellenic Research. [...] The collections, which will be widely disseminated through the internet, originate from primary documents of Greek history and civilization. Certain applications have been developed to ensure the digital homogeneity of the documents, a single interface for the provision and search of the databases through Internet services, by using tools and products developed by EKT.


* Modern Greek Visual Prosopography. A collection of 10,000 digitized portraits of Greek men and women from the the fall of Constantinople (1453) to the present day.
* Database of Travel Literature (15th-19th centuries). Database of rare travel literature material (texts and illustrations) on Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean from the 15th to the 19th century.
* Greek Cartography: the Documents (15th-19th centuries). A collection of the cartographic work of Greek mapmakers and Greek publishers of maps and cartographic material from the 15th century to 1820.
* Name Changes of Settlements in Greece. A collection of the name changes of settlements in Greece between 1913-1962 distributed geographically.
* Heraldic Database of Greece. A collection of the heraldic monuments all over Greece from the 13th to the 19th century.
* Greek Painters After the Fall of Constantinople (1450-1830)
An exhaustive record of the painters from 1450 to 1830, their biographical details as well as an index of their works (portable icons or church frescoes).
* People employed in Further, Secondary and Primary Education (19th c.)
A database containing biographical details and list of the works of teachers who have studied in teacher training schools and worded at all levels of public education in the 19th century.
* The Greek Press Abroad
* Industrial Establishments and Workshops in the Aegean. A collection of documentary material of the the industrial heritage and workshops in the Aegean. [...]

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