Opera Omnia-Luigi Einaudi

Luigi Einaudi is one of the most important Italian intellectual and political figures of the first half of the twentieth century. He was also a very prolific author. His scholarship ranges from economy to politics, from history to literature, equally various is the nature of his texts, which includes: monographs, newspaper articles, scientific papers and reviews.

The intentions of the Opera Omnia-Luigi Einaudi—funded by the provincial authority of Cuneo—are essentially twofold. The first is to collect in a single database all Einaudi's writings (available in html format), often difficult to find since they are scattered across a myriad of magazines, newspapers, anthologies and occasional publications. The second is to provide the reader—the student as much as the entusiast—a tool to be able to navigate these texts in a way that best suits their needs.

Therefore, three ways to search the database have been set up: (1) chronological, (2) by bibliographic type and (3) by keyword. For each text it always indicates the place of first publication and subsequent reprints.

The need for a coherent logical and philological approach led the editors to introduce two limitations. The first was to exclude Einaudi's letters, as they would need a logical arrangement too heterogeneous. The second limitation was to enter as independent volumes only those published before the death of Einaudi, with the sole exception of the last of the volumes of the Economic and Political Chronicles of Thirty Years.

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