Opening the Geese Book

Manuscript New York, Pierpont Morgan Library, M. 905, better known as the Geese book, is a large-format, 2-volume gradual, completed in 1510 for the parish of St. Lorenzo in Nuremberg. It preserves the mass liturgy that was sung by choir boys until the Reformation was introduced in 1525. It contains provocative and satirical illuminations, including the one from which the book takes its name.

Opening the Geese Book is a website providing access to the digitization of this work. Images are in high definition (zoom options are available). The pages can be accessed by browsing the volumes or by using a drop-down calendar to locate feasts and saints’ days.

The website also contains 23 chants performed by the Schola Hungarica. These chants are from 7 feast days significant for the parish of St. Lorenz and late-medieval Nuremberg. Transcriptions and translations of the Latin are provided.

The project has various sponsors.

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