Olonetskiie Gubernskiie Vedomosti

Project by Petrozavodsk State University that aims to publish the newspaper Olonetskiie Gubernskiie Vedomosti, or News of Olonets Province (1838-1917) online:

"This newspaper is a very useful source on the provincial life of the Russian Empire. It also published numerous ethnographic, cultural, philological, etc. materials of significant academic importance for studies in the Russian North, in particular, and Russian traditional culture, in general, as Olonets Province used to be known as 'the Iceland of Russian epos' (many Russian fairy tales, epic and folklore songs were first published in Olonetskiie Gubernskiie Vedomosti and some of them aren't accessible anywhere else). By the end of 2008, we plan to publish the rest of issues. The website Ogv.karelia.ru also provides access to the bibliography of articles published in the newspaper, and during 2009 we also plan to add tables of contents of all issues, thus making the possibility of a profound search in the contents of the newspapers (currently the search is available only for several years). You are welcome to use all available materials for research, education, etc. purposes."

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Monday, 8 August 2011 - 11:56am
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