Odense Bys Museer (Odense City Museums)

For almost 150 years Odense Bys Museer (Odense City Museums) has been collecting, researching, and presenting the art and cultural history of Odense and Funen, in Denmark. This website provides information about various city museums. For some of these museums digitized sources are available.

  • Thomas B. Thriges Gade Excavations. The collections comprise about 22.000 items. At the moment there are no digitized sources available online, but it is foreseen that in the future there will be an online database with finds from prehistoric Funen.
  • The Funen Village. No digital sources.
  • Carl Nielsen Museum. This museum is dedicated to the composer Carl Nielsen (1865-1931). Under ‘Knowledge about Carl Nielsen’ some collections of digitized sources can be found: a picture gallery with photographs of Carl Nielsen and a picture gallery with photographs of his wife Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen.
  • Hans Christian Andersen Collections. Various types of digitized sources are available, all connected to the writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875): paper cuts made by Hans Christian Andersen (in July 2015, 113 items were available), drawings made by him (in July 2015, 251 items available), screen collages made by him in the winter of 1873-74, books with Andersen’s handwritten inscriptions, picture books, portraits of Andersen (photographs, prints, and drawings), portraits of people connected to Andersen, translations of Andersen’s fairytales in over a 100 languages, a reconstruction of the author’s study in his final apartment in Nyhavn, and a list of the travels by Andersen in 1831-1873.
  • Funen. An exhibition about life on the island of Funen throughout the ages. Some digital sources are available here, such as digitized artefacts from different time periods, and an historical atlas.

The various collections have different ways of searching and/or browsing.

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