Observing the 1980s

Observing the 1980s brings together voices from the Mass Observation Project and British Library Oral History Collections alongside ephemera from the University of Sussex Library. The material offers insight into the lives and opinions of British people from a range of social classes and regions, combined with publications dealing with contemporary issues such as the Poll Tax, AIDS, and the Falklands Conflict during the 1980s. The project selected 23 men and women of different ages, from different social backgrounds who write for Mass Observation, and chosen extracts from their writing over the whole decade. Similarly, it selected 26 interviews from the British Library Oral History Collections to provide complementary audio extracts and to ensure a broad coverage of themes.

The material can be accessed by category:

  • Correspondence written in the 1980s by contributors to the archive. Material can be browsed chronologically or by correspondent. It is shown in PDF format.
  • Recordings from the Oral History Collections. These can be browsed by theme or interviewee.
  • Publications chosen for their relevance to the themes of ‘Observing the 1980s’. They cover a range of different types of publication from an issue of the Brighton Voice, a local newspaper, to a NATO report on defence. Material is shown in PDF format.

The project is funded by JISC.

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