Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD)
The Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) is a resource centre and a data archive of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. It offers online access to data organised in four main categories:
  • Individual Level Data: Individual level data denote information about individuals, either contributed by the individuals themselves in surveys etc., or collected from registers. All individual level data are made available to users in anonymized form.
  • Regional Data: Regional data describe geographical units, i.e. census tracts, municipalities, counties, etc. or constitute aggregate data of individuals within such areas.
  • Data on the Political System: Data on the Political System contain information about institutions, persons and resources in the Norwegian political and civil service area.
  • Information on Research and Higher Education (DBH): DBH contains data about organisation, subjects, students, employees, finances, floorage and research production for all universities and colleges in Norway. The database gives figures on resource utilisation and output.
Most of the available information is offered in Norwegian.

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