New horizons. On French soil in America

‘During the 16th century, following the discovery of the rich fishing banks off Newfoundland, France became the first European nation active in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. In 1604, France created a permanent settlement there, laying the foundations of a country that would develop its own culture—a blend of French roots, Aboriginal customs, and adaptations to the new land. After 1763, under English rule, Canadians continued to maintain their customs, ensuring a French presence in North America.’

New horizons. On French soil in America is a website providing access to a virtual exhibition and a database containing over one million images of digitized documents regarding the history of Canada.

Advanced search in the entire contents of the database is possible. In addition, documents can be browsed according to separate collections (arranged alphabetically or methodically). Images are shown in high definition, and zoom options are available (including the option to show the document at its real size). Images can be downloaded in PDF format.

The main partners of this project are the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada, the Direction des Archives de France, the Library and Archives Canada, and the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication of France.

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