New Amsterdam Collections, 1647-1674

In 1624 the Dutch government made the colony of New Netherland an extension of the Dutch Republic. Four ineffectual Director-Generals governed the colony, before Peter Stuyvesant was appointed Director-General of New Netherland in 1647. This website provides online access to the first digitized series of documents from the New York Municipal Archives, namely the Records of New Amsterdam: Ordinances 1647-1661. This will expand in the future.

The original ordinances issued between 1647 and 1661 in New Amsterdam are shown as well as their translations. They can be viewed one page at the time. By hovering over a digitization of an original, a commentary and a partial English translation are shown. It is also possible to view other English translations.

The New Amsterdam Collections, 1647-1674 are preserved at the New York City Department of Records and Information Services.

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