Narrative sources from the medieval Low Countries

"Narrative Sources is the result of a joint research projects at the Department of Medieval History of the Ghent University, at the Institute for Medieval Studies of the Catholic University of Louvain and at the Department of History of the University of Groningen. The aim of Narrative Sources is to give an exhaustive and critical survey of all the narrative sources originating from the medieval Low Countries. The database is intended to inventory all texts written in order to describe the past in a narrative way: annals, chronicles, letters, diaries, poems, saint's lives, genealogies,… Narrative Sources covers present day Belgium and the Netherlands as well as those areas which belonged historically to the Low Countries but are part now of France (French Flanders, French Hainault) or Germany (East-Friesland, the northern Rhineland). The texts inventoried in Narrative Sources are dating from the sixth to the first half of the sixteenth century."

The primary source is, in this case, the database in itself even if no full digitization or digital images are available for single narrative sources as such. A very complete and complex list of descriptive meta-data's for all sources and their context are offered using the database search engine.

"Narrative Sources operates with SilverPlatter software. This database system, designed for bibliographic and catalographic applications, offers a lot of search possibilities. Each source is presented in the following fields: identification number, type, language, author, status of the author, title, incipit, explicit, size, century, region, redaction, abstract, context, manuscripts, editions, translations, sources, influence, literature, desiderata, name of the contributor and update code. The fields 'language', 'type' and 'century' make it possible to limit the searches according to the user's specific interests. The information in Narrative Sources is mainly in Dutch. However, the most important fields are also translated in English, and, to a lesser degree, in French. Most of the other fields (like author, title,…) can easily be consulted without special familiarity with Dutch. Narrative Sources also provides an electronic user's guide in English, Dutch and French. This User's Guide can be consulted in the database program, or be downloaded as a Windows helpfile."

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