"This site, developed by the Fondation Napoléon, aims to make primary source material relating to the First and Second Napoleonic Empires available online. The site aims to appeal to researchers and enthusiasts alike. Three collections are currently on the site. There are 3660 printed working documents of the Counseil d’État, 1800-1814; 150 letters from Napoleon I to Bigot de Préameneu, 1800-1815 and 255 drawings from the collection Houdetot 1797-1835. are planning to add further collections to the site. It is possible to search the full-text of the collections." (January 2009)

The digitised documents are organized in:

- Archives group or coherent collection of documents produced or collected by a person or an institution in the exercise of its activities.
- collections of items of comparable nature, held in various repositories, collected by Napoleonica so as to form a significant set.

Every collection can be independently consulted.

At the moment, three collections from the archives of the Conseil d’Etat are made available, namely:

3660 ‘imprimés’ or working papers produced by the Conseil d’Etat, 1800-1815 a key source for the history of France with the complete inventory of the 4620 ‘imprimés’ of the Conseil d’Etat, 1800-1815; The full text of the 3660 ‘imprimés’ held in the Bibliothèque du Conseil d’Etat.

145 letters from Napoleon to Bigot de Préameneu: a collection which sheds important light on Napoleon’s religious policy.

245 sketches by Christophe-Frédéric Houdetot, "auditeur" at the napoleonic Conseil d'Etat: an extraordinary record.

Readers can perform full-text searches on the material.

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