Museo Galileo Digital Library

The Museo Galileo Digital Library in Florence, Italy, provides online access to digital collections on themes of interest to the history of science.
"The most significant part of the collection is represented by the Galilean corpus (Galilean Digital Library, Galileo’s Disciples, Accademia del Cimento, Galileo’s Library, Galilaeana online) which represents a fundamental reference in the field of Galilean Studies."

The Museo Galileo Digital Library "consists of digital collections representing documents of different types, such as printed works, manuscripts, photographs, and objects, scientific instruments in particular. [...] The most substantial part undoubtedly consists of the publication of over 4000 works, many of them rare and hard to find."

Documents, books, and pictures can be viewed online, or downloaded in PDF format: "All the digital collections provide a free access, except the correspondence of Roger Giuseppe Boscovich (1711-1787) and the digital library on Leonardo da Vinci that require an authorization from the direction."

The site is maintained by the Museo Galileo.

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